Mobile Application Development – A Must for Businesses Today

How you do business today and tomorrow would depend more and more on how smartly you exploit mobile app development. The scope of the mobile phone is growing by leaps and bounds every day. The iPhones and the BlackBerries have changed the way people use the mobile.

The advent of web 2.0 has made the internet more interactive and personal. Today as net is accessed through cell phones, how effective that access is made would have a significant bearing on the growth of a business. This is one of the important areas where mobile application development comes in.

Take the case of mobile banking for instance. How easily one can access one’s account or check balances or transfer funds between accounts, along with the versatility of the banking services offered would decide the effectiveness of mobile application development.

With more and more businesses opting for making their websites mobile enabled, i.e. having a mobile version of their websites, the significance of mobile application development has grown further. Website owners now have to worry about how to optimize their sites or how they would like their users to access their pages.

What emphasizes the importance of mobile app development even further is that very soon the PCs and laptops would be downsized to fit the trouser pockets as well. The advent of iPad signals in that direction.

Mobile application development means developing applications for handheld devices like personal digital assistants or PDA, enterprise digital assistants or EDA and mobile phones. Also known as a palmtop computer, PDA is a mobile device that is used as a personal information manager, and can be connected to the net. EDA is a handheld computer which originated from the PDA concept and is used for data capture.

The applications developed by mobile app development process are downloaded by customers from different mobile software distribution platforms or app stores. They are also found pre-installed in the mobile devices as well.

Falling in the realm of mobile app development are location applications, entertainment applications, Healthcare applications, GPS applications, business application, internet application etc.

ArcGIS Mobile, a GIS software, empowers mobile devices with GIS capabilities. This GIS software is used for mapping, spatial query, GPS integration, Sketching and GIS editing.

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Start Your Own Wholesale Business Today!

No business can offer us the comfort and convenience that wholesale business can offer. We can engage in business deals and make profits while enjoying the comfort of our home. Thus, with so many advantages , it is now wonder that wholesale business is one of the most sought after businesses today. For all the people who look forward to starting a wholesale business, this article will highlight some of the most important aspects that every wholesale seller has to remember.

The most important aspect of any business is promotion. We need to make sure that our business is properly promoted and one way to do this is to be listed on popular websites offering a directory of wholesale sellers like Salehoo. Once we are listed on such websites, customers are bound to notice us when searching for wholesale sellers and can end up buying wholesale products from us.

We also have to maintain an up to date website of our own and invite and encourage customers to visit it and attract them by offering discounts and promotions. We have to make sure that the quality of products offered by us is really good as this is a sure way of attracting more customers.

Once a customer deals with us and gets good quality products and is satisfied with the quality of services that we offer then he will surely buy from us in the future too and there are also chances of him recommending us to several other people. Thus, it is necessary to maintain cordial business relations with all our customers.

We also have to ensure that we offer secure and reliable payment methods and as such any person can engage in a business deal with us without having to worry about the mode of payment and online security when it comes to payments. Thus, if we keep these things in mind, then we can go a long way in the field of wholesale business and can look forward to a lot of profits and a loyal customer base in the near future.

The Value And Challenges Of Creating Teamwork And Team Success In Business Today

Is there such thing as The Three Musketeers team mantra of All for One, and One for all? Can it really exist in organizations today? Is there any such thing as team work, or as Tom Peters suggests, are teams a bunch of quirky individuals who typically rub each other up the wrong way, but through good leadership, know how to be their peculiar selves and how to win together?

The idea of team work is in effect a contradiction of a society grounded in individual achievement – through most of school and life it’s about working and winning alone; winning a place at college, winning a job and so on. Once in a job, people are asked to work in teams to achieve shared goals, they talk about shared ownership, responsibility and trust. For many, this is an alien practice and young people are thrown into teams with a boss or manager with whom they may have no rapport or trust, yet they are expected to develop it, no matter what.

This may be their first sense of ‘team’, working with a group of people from a variety of cultures, ages and backgrounds with a variety of needs and values. A team invariably needs a variety of different skills and ideas, and yet it is often those necessary differences that lead to conflict, mistrust, personality clashes and poor performance. The ingredients to a creative and successful team are also the ingredients to conflict.

Within a team, people will define winning in a variety of reasons from winning together, winning at all costs and the key to winning is in detailed planning. We know from experience that some people in business want to win more than others, and that the word ‘win’ has many different meanings and value, and that shared responsibility is fine until something goes wrong and then it’s someone’s fault.

My Uncle’s expression, used to be ‘All for me and Sod the rest’ as he built his business out of the end of the World War II. Back then at age 14, his desire to survive and to earn money to feed his family involved thieving rotten vegetables from the docks and bare-knuckle boxing. Although times are different now, this attitude still remains in some businesses when it comes to prospects, promotions, a car parking slot or a nod of approval from the Big Boss.

So who can you trust in business today? Who are the winners and losers in our highly competitive environment? According to Stephen Covey, “Trust is the glue that holds teams together, without it productivity will suffer.” Surveys tell us that some 60% – though there is some evidence to say this figure could be as high as 88% – of performance issues are to be found in people issues, such as a lack of trust, soft skills, rapport and appreciation. As Robert Bales says that poor teamwork can prevent effective final performance. And it can also prevent team members from gaining satisfaction in being a member of the organization.

So it seems that without team work and team spirit, everyone loses but with teamwork there is significant chance that team members can win – or enjoy success – in ways that matter to them. When we’re able to meet the needs of the individuals, they’ll have a greater sense of self worth and engagement, enabling the team to achieve the seemingly impossible. Although this means that some people will win a little more than others, at least through team work they can all have a chance to win, and it is core values such as trust and leadership that make it work.

Whilst the Three Musketeers mission statement might be a little na├»ve, in the 21st Century, the value of their ability to work together to achieve success is, if anything, even more laudable. In the words of Robert Yates,” It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit.”